General knowledge:

1.Governor is sworn by? 

A. Chief justice of high court 

2. Chief minister is appointed by? 

A. Governor 

3. First prime minister, who was also Railway minister? 

A. Lal bahadur shastri 

4. Largest chamber of heart? 

A. Left ventricle 

5.In which part of the body digestion of proteins begin? 

A. Stomach 

6. Who wrote the book on "the origin of species"? 

A. Charles Darwin 

7.What is the colour of blood of octopus? 

A. Blue 

8. What is the functional unit of kidney? 

A. Nephrons

9.Highest mountain in  peak of Africa? 

A. Kilimangarao

10.Highest mountain in peak of Europe? 

A. Mount Elburs 

11. Highest mountain in peak of Asia? 

A. Mount Everest 

12. Largest ocean ?

A. Pacific Ocean 

13.Largest country? 

A. Russia 

14. Largest island? 

 A. Greenland 

15. Largest animal? 

A. Blue whale 

16. Most polluted county ? 

A. China

17. Largest democracy? 

A. India 

18. The first female speaker of Loksabha? 

A. Meira kumari 

19.The first deputy prime minister of India? 

A.  Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai  Patel 

20. Who was the first railway minister of independent India? 

A. John mathai

21.Capital of Azerbaijan? 

A. Baku

22. Capital of Russia? 

A. Moscow 

23. Capital of Turkey? 

A. Ankara 

24. Capital of Armenia? 

A. Yerevan 

25.  Capital of Georgia ?

A. Tbilisi

26. Capital of Iran? 

A. Tehran 

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