General knowledge:

1.Cheif election commissioner of India? 

A.  Sunil Arora 

2. Mohiniyattam dance which state? 

A. Kerala

3. Education is mentioned in which list of Indian constitutions ?

A. Concurrent list

4. First foreigner to receive Bharat ratna? 

A. Abdul ghaffar Khan 

5. When did World War 1 occur? 

A.  28 July 1914 - 11 Nov 1918

6. When  did World War II and occur? 

A. 1 sep 1939 - 2 sep 1945

7. The battle of Waterloo was fought in ?

A. 1815

8. When did hundred war  Was occur? 

A. 1338 - 1453

9. Biggest Iceland of India ocean? 

A. Madagascar 

10. Largest state of India with landmass? 

A. Rajasthan 

11. Niti Aayog was formed by replacing ?

A. Planning commission 

12. Founder of tughlaq dynasty? 

A. Ghiyas - ud -din - Tughlaq

13. Indians first female military  diplomat ?

A. Anjali Singh 

14. First Indian women flight engineer in IAF? 

A.  Hina jaiswal 

15. Rafale squadrons first women fighter pilot?

A. Shivangi Singh 

16.India's first women republic day parade adjutante ?

A. Tania shergill 

17.  Discovery of electrons? 

A. JJ Thomson

18. Discovery of hydrogen? 

A. Hendry Cavendish 

19.The longest railway tunnel in the world? 

A. Gotthard  base tunnel 

20. World busiest  airport ?

A. Chicago - International Airport 

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