1. What is the chemical formula of methane? 

A. CH4

2. What is the chemical formula of ozone? 

A. O3

3. What is the chemical formula of carbon dioxide? 

A. Co3

4. New height of MT. Everest declared by china& Nepal? 

A. 8848.86m

5. In which country "Paper" was invited?

A. China 

6. Childhood name of "Goutham  Buddha "name? 

A. Siddhartha 

7. Night blindness is caused by  lack of which vitamin? 

A. Vitamin A

8. "Pongal" is a famous festival of which state? 

A. Tamil nadu 

9. Who has invited television? 

A. John logy beard 

10.  What is the full form of PM-WANI  ?

A. Prime minister wi-fi access network interface 

 11. UT lakshadweep recently became the 100% organic  as it's all forming is done without  the use of  pesticides. 

12. Southern most area of Indian Land? 

A. Indira point 

13. What is the sign language of Punjabi? 

A. Gurumukhi 

14. Who is the founder of Arya Samaj? 

A. Swami Dayananda

15. Sun rises in which state of India firstly? 

A. Arunachal Pradesh 

16. Insulin used to cure  which diesase?

 A. Diabetes 

17. Recently which state government has decided  to set up five new medical colleges? 

A.  Gujarat 

18. Which two games has been included into third edition of 'khelo India youth games'? 

A.Lawn bowls and cycling 

19. Recently who has became the chairman of Railway board? 

A. Vinod Kumar yadav 

20. Sunit lakar who announced her retirement recently, is a famous  Indian player of which sport  ?

A. Hockey 

21. Recently Indian Railways has  launched  which newly integrated helpline number? 

A. 139

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