Basic general knowledge


 1. Largest producer of Diamond? 

A. India: Madhya Pradesh 

       World: Russia 

2. Largest producer of  coal?

A. India: Jharkhand 

    World: china

3. Largest producer of  petroleum? 

A. India : Maharashtra 

       World: USA

4. Largest producer of uranium? 

A. India: Andhra Pradesh  

        World: Kazakhstan

5. Largest producer of Thorium?

A. India: Kerala  

     World : Australia

6. Full form of UPSC? 

A. Union public service commission 

7. Full form of FTII? 

A. Film and television institution of India 

8.Agra is situated in the bank of River? 

A. Yamuna river 

9. Hyderabad is situated on the banks of River? 

A.  Musi river 

10. Lucknow is situated on the banks of River? 

A. Gomti river 

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