Basic general knowledge



1. CEO of Nokia? 

A. pekka lundmark 

2. CEO of  Microsoft? 

A. Satya narayana nadella 

3. CEO of Apple? 

A. Tim clock 

4. CEO of  Amazon? 

A. Jeff bezos 

5. CEO of Google? 

A. Sundar picchai

6. Country with longest boarder line with India? 

A.  Bangladesh 

7. Country with smallest boarder line  with India? 

A. Afghanistan 

8. Indian state with longest international boarder line? 

A. Rajasthan 

9. Indian state with smallest international boarder line? 

A. Sikkim 

10. For election to the post of president? 

A. Minimum age:35 years 

      Maximum age : no limit 

11. For election to the post of vice president? 

A. Minimum age : 35 yrs

       Maximum age :no limit 

12. For election to the post of Chief justice of India? 

A. Minimum age : No limit 

      Maximum age :65 yrs

13. For election to the post of Chief minister ?

A. Minimum age :25 yrs

        Maximum age : no limit 

14. For the election to the post of governor? 

A. Minimum age : 35 yrs

      Maximum age: no limit 

15. Minimum age to became prime minister of India?

A. 25 yrs 

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