basic general knowledge

general knowledge:

 1. Full form of AIFF ?

A.  All Indian football federation 

2. Full form of BOP ?

A. Balance of payments

3. Full form of CAG? 

A. Comptroller and auditor general

4. Full form of CPI? 

A. Consumer price index

5. Full form of AIDS? 

A. Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome 

6. Young president of India? 

A. Neelam sanjiva reddy

7. young prime minister of India? 

A. Rajiv Gandhi 

8. Young chief minister of India? 

A. Prem khandu

9. Proton was discovered by? 

 A. E. Rutherford

10. Neutron was discovered by ?

A. James Chadwick 

11. Electron was discovered by? 

A. J. J. Thomson

12. Who is the Indian brand ambassador to brazil ?

A. Suresh reddy

13. who is the CEO of adobe? 

A. Shantanu Narayen 

14. Heard quarters of NABARD? 

A. Mumbai 

15. Filament of bulb is made up of? 

A. Tungsten 



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