Puberty in Girls

 Puberty in Girls:

   As not in the boys having various signs to decide a girl become into women, Her first period is enough 
   Most of the girls enter between 12-15 years, interesting fact is that heredity plays great role here
 In exceptional cases based on their body morphism ,a few can be at 17,18 also occurs.
 Let me explain u what is FIRST PERIOD & how it defines?

    In females , the ovaries which cause to release ovum in their ovary ducts

■How it happens?

  During the sign arises, the ovum moves across fallopian tubes and ejected through vegina,in this time 
Endometrium melt itself (it's not a blood,nutritional part which is used to baby)
 That comes through cervics, which consider by as period. 

● in medical aspect ,we consider a girl body prepare itself for reproduction 
●  in Every month ,girls should be experiencing, (it's the continuous sign of preparing reproduction itself )
 ●How girls identify themselves during their menstrual period?
  Monthly signs , such as headache,Mood swings,acne,irritation,body aches,nervousness,dizziness and fatigue these are the signs
Mainly the menstrual time started same date  in various months,
Sometimes varies.

 Enthusiastic factors:

***dysmennoria a medical term,which is consider as stomach pain
(Narrow cervix part responsible to this)
***women breast increases during times 
***white discharge also sign for this.
***MYLLERIAN AGENCIS which means never a girl enters into puberty(no period) in her life time.
***stomach pain seviority changes before and after sex.
 A few without any change after that time.
****Nutrition part is endometrium melts,that is bleeding out.
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