Microbes in nostrils

Microbes in nostrils (Nose)

  As part of cleansing nose is one of the health practicing for good health ...
    But the way we clean our system particularly nose Decides what kind of personality we are and how we effective in Health practicing. 

   Coming to direct informative...cleaning nose and the presence of microbes itself
 1.staphylococcus aureus
3.lactobacilli casei(C)
4.staphylo coccus epidermis
5.Lactobacillus H
6.haemophilus influenza
7.streptococcus pneumonia And many others microbes plays effective role ,which decide our health condition
    ***Litarally along with dust particles,Allergants these play crucial role in nose entire one...
   Extreme impacts of nasal swab(microbes🦻) 
 Heamophilus influenza♧ Literally it enters through Air...and squeeze into the mucus,but the amount of influenza decides flue.
Cornebacterium♤ Same as haemophilus.. specific to cause soar in throat.
Staphylococcus aureus and epidermis ♤ it present on skin and cause various conditions like thrombosis, meningitis. 
Lactobacillus casei and H♤
     It cause swelling
    Primarily when swabs touch directly cause these because through hands we touch remained body parts and spread outside the body by touching materials. 
 Way of cleaning nose

  Follow the method of WHO

Nasal wash Guide
1.make nostrils free to breath
2.easy to Gas Exchange. 

 Our health is in our hands 
No need to make someone/something Depended. 

Because This is our life.😎 



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