One of the psychological study reveals that confidence is boost by the beauty of the hair.

Social concern.
most of the people primary concern is Progressing their beauty through hair(Men &women Regarded ).
  Right approach. 
 From pre historic period hair become natural Resistant and part of the skin & acts thermal Regulator as well as warm during extreme breeze...But as periodical changes tend to disappearance of hair (Extreme) in the human body.
 A few only ... simple range of hair consisted.
●Men contains body hairs than women in the frent part
●head hair become particularly from prehistoric period
Throgh Scientific concern
○ in any animal species origin of hair will be at Dermis part.
○Exceptional Areas like Glaburous skin ,remained part easily tend to grow with hairs..
Actual growth and range of growth decided by androgens which decides after puberty.
In body areas remained head hair is actual difference is puberty
*** puberty varies in both men and women varying menstrual period in girl and testosterone releasing in men
  Apart from head hair ,body hairs consider as vellus hair due to shot form.

Types of hair...(head)

 Straight hair:
Mostly hair type depends upon Genetically caused follicles
Apart from this the amount of releasing oils in the human head for hairs type depend by it.
 People like european people best example for this.
Wavy: the minimize amount of oil in head cause this shape.
 Ex.indians and south east( more than few)
Curly: this type of hair seems S shape
Spiral: z form and extreme tight and round shape of hair. 
Less amount of oil head and geographical location cause to this. 
And pheomelonin.
Pigments like
MELONIN and EUMELONIN is cause to brown and black hair.
Another pigment PHEOMELONIN cause to red color to hair.
 Diseases ...
Fungal infections
Like dandruff caused to hair

Natuaral Tips for hair.
  □regulate de hydration in the body.
□E and C vitamin supplements.
Interesting Factors...
■Pubic hair different from head hair...in prehistoric period men usually attracted to women throug this.
pubic hair play great role avoiding infectious agents
■ medicines should be prepared through hairs
■protein keratin much helpful the growth of hair
■breaking tip of hairs is the sign of body dehydration. 
 ■hairs in certain area can detect touch
Such as eyebrows and eye lashes 

****they prevent dust particles into the eye.



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