( De oxy Ribonuvlix acid)
  The philosophical meaning of DNA as consider centre of whole act...as similar as biological function of it's similar to this philosophical approach..

  DNA not only command

 structure of the cell as well as playing main role determining function of entire organism

(ORGANISM is the combination of cells mob*cells in DNA similar each of remained).


   In the definition of DNA ,it lacks one oxygen molecule 


  (*while transcription one oxygen molecule added)

Background of it.

     Experimentally The structure of DNA determined by JAMES WATSON & JOHN FADERICK

  their worth of determination they awarded noble in 1953.

Structure of DNA 

   Simply it seems as double helix

And land mark of it provided by certain combination of Gene's combination (NUCLEOTIDES) Adenine(A),


ine (c).

 Regarding of their arrangement and bonding of Gene's in the nucleotide, functions of organism(from keen level )clearly decided.

   As similar holding structure of DNA depends on the back bone of sugar and phosphate molecule...

  Here in between approach of nucleotides and sugar+phosphate molecules whole of helixes are contrasted.


/ Adenine=Thymine 

  Guanine thrible bond with cytosine/

 Combination of adenine + guanine considered as PURIN ,where as Thyamine +cytosine PYRIMIDIN.

 THIS is the whole arrangement of keen parts of DNA as sequential to recognizes that distance between nucleotides 0.34 nm entire length of nucleotides/ 10 NUCLEOTIDES 3.4 nm 

The bonding among the Gene's in nucleotides with Hydrogen bond.


 • Decide the cell structure 

•control cell functions

•Remember/store heredity information


*Most of the organisms holds DNA a few remained with RNA such as virus (bacteriophages DNA holder virus).




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