Medicinal status in human life..

 Medicinal status in human life..

   Medicinal plants..■
        Medicinal plants or medicinal herbs...on according this unani,siddhha,yoga,naturopathy,homeopathy, ayurveda work based on it.
 Role of medicinal plants.. naturally these plants phytochemicals helps to resist the harmful microbes and re boost the damaged parts. 
drugs also play according this formula of reboost and repair.

  **The exact difference Between both this drugs contained related one formula of chemical where as medicinal more than one(400) phytochemicals. 
   Simultaneous and no.of phyto chemicals become rigid to face body.(depends the degree of resistance)
 Examples for the role of medicinal plants..
Ayurveda;here naturally avoid the ill condition of particular region jn the body
Yoga.:consumption of certain fluids for making certain postures
Naturopathy:we are much familiar regarding physiotherapy, body massag, for related changes prioritize specific oils.

  What if mean phytochemicals?

 The key ingredient which avoid or repair to a particular region so called phytochemical. Eighther it is protein,hormone..what ever it may be.
Ex.turmeric $ curcumin 
 Medicinal plants like spinach,plaunaus,fenugreek,candomem,garlic,gundersen,coriander,opal etc.
 Background keys.
Theophrastus father of botany considered by written historia plantarum( approximately 600) recepis..
Disco rides written about 100 plants for above 600 recepis who worked in Roman army.
Interesting facts.
*plaunauas plant consider as mother of medicine 
* aloevera consider as king of medicinal plants
* thulasi is the queen of medicine
*in india 
*National Medicinal plants board(NMPB) of india work s according this.
Various schemes under this such as ayushman barth,health india work according this
* Drug General controller of India
Audits / permits the use of drug.
Amydopyrin (ex) ban in 
NCB framed 1986 and works through the NDPS act to permit the illegal affairs of drugs ,such like regulations not even observed in medicinal plants status.
Certain plants like opioid, cannabeen plants are permitted one phytochemical that extreme range of affects.(exceptional).

Using medicinal plants comes from prehistoric times...we r exchanging predators of each even in the nature.



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