40 Very Important Full Forms For Exam


40 Very Important Full Forms For Exam

1. I.R. B. M. (IRBM): - Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
2. I.R. C. O. N. (IRCON): - Indian Railway Construction Company
3. I.A. E. A. (IAEA): - International Atomic Energy Agency
4. I.A. a. I. (IAAI): - International Airport Authority of India
5. I.A. a. s. (IAAS): - India Audit Account Accounts Service
6. I.N. a. (INA): - Indian National Army
7. I.N. s. (INS): - Indian Newspaper Society
8. I.N. T el s. a. T. (INTELSAT): - International Telecommunication Satellite
9. I.N. T.U. C. (INTUC): - Indian National Trade Union Congress
10. IFs. (IFS): - Indian Forest Service
11. IF C.I. (IFCI): - Industrial Finance Corporation of India
12. IS I. (ISI): - Inter-Services Intelligence
13. I.S. R. O. (ISRO): - Indian Space Research Organization
14. IS T. (IST): - Indian Standard Time
15. I.D.A. (IDA): - International Development Agency
16. I.D.B. I. (IDBI): - Industrial Development Bank of India
17. I.P.L. (IPL): - Indian Premier League
18. IPC (IPC): - Indian Penal Code
19. I.B. R. D. (IBRD): - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
20. ICICI (ICICI): - Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
21. I.C.A. R. (ICAR): - Indian Council of Agricultural Research
22. ICP a. I. (ICFAI): - Institute of Chartered Finance Analysis of India
23. I.C.W. a. (ICWA): - Institute of Cost and Works Accounts
24. I.N. s. a. T. (INSAT): - Indian National Satellite
25. I.M.A. (IMA): - Indian Medical Association
26. I.Q. (IQ): - Intelligence Chassant
27. ISD (ISD): - International Subscriber Dialing
28. IPL (IPL): - Indian Premier League
29. R. R. B. (RRB): - Regional Rural Bank
30. R. R. C. (RRC): - Reactor Research Center
31. R. & D. (R&D): - Research and Development
32. R. a. M. (RAM): - Random Access Memory
33. R. a. D. A. R. (RADAR): - Radio Detection and Ranging
34. R. B. I. (RBI): - Reserve Bank of India
35. R.S.S. (RSS): - Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh / Really Simple Syndication
36. E. X. I.M. (EXIM): - Export-Import Bank of India
37. EMI (EMI): - Equated Monthly Installation
38. E. M.S. (EMS): - European Monitoring System
39. E. S. I.C. (ESIC): - Employees State Insurance Corporation
40. E. S. CA. P. (ESCAP): - Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific




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