100 superlatives

1. First Indian women's cricket team captain - Shanta Ranga Swamy (Karnataka)
 2. India's first female ruler - Razia Sultan (1236)
 3. First Woman President of Indian National Congress - Annie Besant (1917)
4. First Indian woman president of Indian National Congress - Sarojini Naidu
5. First revolutionary woman - Madame Cama
6. First female legislature of any state legislature - Dr. S.  Muttulakshmi Reddy (Madras Legislative Council 1926)
7. First woman Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of any state of India - Shrimati Shanno Devi
8. First woman minister in the cabinet of any state of the country - Vijay Laxmi Pandit (United Provinces, 1937)

 09. First woman Chief Minister of any state of the country - Sucheta Kripalani (Uttar Pradesh, 1963)

 10. First woman governor of any state of the country - Sarojini Naidu (Uttar Pradesh)
11. First Dalit Chief Minister of any state of the country - Mayawati (Uttar Pradesh)

 12. India's first female Prime Minister - Indira Gandhi (1966)
 13. First female MP of Central Administration - Radhabai Subarayan (1938)
14. First woman Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha - Bylet Alba (1962)

 15 First woman secretary of Rajya Sabha - B.C.  s.  Rama Devi (1993)
16. First female actress to become Chief Minister of any state of the country - Janaki Ramachandran (Tamil Nadu 1987)

 17 .First female mayor of a city in the country - Tara Cherian (Madras 1957)
18. The country's first female ambassador - Vijayalakshmi Pandit (Soviet Russia 1947)

 19. First Woman Judicial Officer (Munsif) of the country - Anna Chandy (State of Travancore, 1937)

 20. First Woman President of the General Assembly of the United Nations - Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1953)

 21. First woman advocate of the country - Regina Guha

 22. First woman barrister of the country - Cornolia Sorabji (Allahabad High Court, 1923)

  23. First woman judge of High Court - Justice Anna Chandy (Kerala High Court, 1959)

  24. First woman Chief Secretary of any state of the country - Padma

 25. First Lady Chief Justice of High Court - Justice Leela Seth (Himachal Pradesh High Court, 1991)

 26. First woman judge of Supreme Court - Justice Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi (1989)

  27. First woman member of Income Tax Tribunal - Justice Meera Sahib Fatima Bibi

  28. First woman session judge of the country - Anna Chandy (Kerala, 1949)

 29. First woman secretary of High Court Bar Association - Priya Himorani

  30. First Female Magistrate - Omna Kunjamma

  31. First woman chairman of the Federal Public Service Commission - Rose Million Bathew (1992)

  32. First Indian woman to receive the Golden Lion Award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival - Meera Nair Film-Monsoon Wading (2001)

  33. First to receive army medal
 Woman - Vimala Devi (1988)

 34. First lady of Planning Commission
 President - Indira Gandhi

 35. First female surgeon of the country - Dr. Prema Mukherjee

  36. The first woman to receive the Ashoka Chakra (the present Shaurya Chakra) - Gloria Berry (posthumously)

 37. The first woman president of the student union of a university - Anju Sachdev (University of Delhi)

  38. First lady awarded Ashoka Chakra - Neerja Mishra (posthumously)

 39. Nobel Laureate First Lady - Mother Teresa (1978)

  40. The first woman to be awarded Bharatharatna - Indira Gandhi (1971)

 41. First to receive Jnanpith Award
 Woman - Ashapurna Devi (1976)

 42. First woman to receive Sahitya Akademi Award - Amrita Pritam (1956)

 43. First lady awarded with Murthy Devi Award - Pratibha Rai

  44. First awarded with Arjuna Award
 Female - N.  Lumsden (hockey, 1961)

 45. First lady honored with Lenin Peace Prize - Devika Rani Roerik (1969)

 46. The first Indian and first woman to receive an Oscar award - Bhanu Athaiva (for costumes, film Gandhi, 1983)

  47. The first woman to receive the Magsaysay Award - Dr. Amrita Patel (1992)

 48. First actress to receive international award - Nargis Dutt (Karloby Berry
 Film Festival's Best Actress Award film Mother India, 1958)

 49. First woman to receive award at Berlin Film Festival - Madhur Jafri

 50. Best Actor
First actress to receive national honor of Shri - Nargis Dutt (film night and day, 1968)
 51. First female swimmer to win International Swimming Marathon - Archana Bharat Kumar Patel (1988)
 52. First woman to hold world record in power lifting - Sumita Laha (1989)
 53. First Women's Referee (Boxing) - Razia Shabnam
54. The first actress whose films were awarded abroad (France) - Smita Patil
55. World's first commercial test pilot - Captain Susan Darcy and Captain Rose Loper
 56. The first woman who became a member of Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) - Ms. Ella Chatterjee
57. First Indian woman who became Secretary to the Prime Minister - Mrs. Sarla Grewal
 58. The first Indian woman to receive the Ramon Magsaysay Award for distinguished civil service - Mrs. Kirne Bedi

 59. Woman to receive India's first Lenin Peace Prize - Rajeshwari Nehru (1960)
60. Who is credited with winning the National Squash title the most times - Bhuvaneshwari Kumari

 61. First Indian Election Commissioner - Mrs. B.C.  s.  Ramadevi (November to December 1990)
62. Women who have won the National Award for Best Actress in Women - Shabana Azmi
63. India's first blind woman samprach - Ms. Sudhaben Kashi Bhai Patel
 64. India's first female astronaut - Kalpana Chawla
 65. First woman judge of Madhya Pradesh - Saroji Saxena
 66. First Indian woman to win the title of Miss Universe - Sushmita Sen
 67. Indrani Rahman to write the first book on classical music in India in foreign language
68. India's first female aircraft
 Controller - Ms. Mukti Srivastava
 69. The Indian woman who succeeded in climbing Everest at the youngest (19 years) - Dickie Dolma
 70. India's first female Chief Mahadakpal - Padma Bala Subrahmanyam (Chennai)
71. India's only woman to climb Everest summit twice - Santosh Yadav
72. Mumbai's first female city chief - Nirmala Samanta

 73. The first woman Chief Justice to be appointed in Kerala High Court - Sujata Basant Manohar
74. Woman flying a helicopter for the first time in the history of Indian aviation - Flight Cadet Cheryl Dutta
75. First woman pilot of Indian Air Force - Harit Kaur Deval
 76. India's first Indian railway driver - Surekha Yadav
 77. India's first female traffic controller (train) - Kavita Kalra Arora
78. First Director General of Indian Medical Research Council - G.K.  V. Satyavati
79. First lady Chief Secretary - Nirmala Buch

 80. India's first Asian Games gold medalist - Kamaljeet Sendhu

 81. The first Indian woman whose song was recorded - Shashimukhi
82. India's first woman to be given the Jawaharlal Nehru Award - Mother Teresa
83. India's first Muslim IPS  Female - Ku  Nuzhat khan
 84. First Indian woman to become President of Congress - Sarojini Naidu (1925)
85. First Indian film artist to receive Padma Shri award - Nargis Dutt (1958)
 86. Name of India's first female cricket commentator - Chandra Naidu (1977 in Indore)
87. Padmaakshi Amma - First Woman Postman of India
88. Chairman of the first governing board of National Women's Fund - Basab Rajeshwari
 89. The first Indian female writer to be aarded the Booker Prize for Britain - Arundhati Roy (The God of Small Things)
90. First woman of India who got the honor of being elected to the post of Chief Commissioner of India and Scout Guide - Manik Versley
91. First woman Chief Minister of Punjab - Rajinder Kaur Bhattal
 92. India's first female novelist - Swarnakumari Devi
93. The first Indian woman to become a magistrate - Margaret
94. India's first astronomer
 Woman - Savita Rani
 95. First Indian woman to get Fellowship of Sahitya Akademi - Mahadevi Verma (1979)
 96. First Indian woman to climb Everest - Bachendri Pal
97. Got the distinction of becoming the first Indian woman naval engineer - Sonali Banerjee
98. India's first female merchant navy officer - Sonali Banerjee (July 2001)
99. India's First Woman Foreign Secretary - Chokila Iyer
100. First Woman President of Central Film Censor Board - ASHA



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